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UNC Discovery
06-02-2007, 08:57 PM
:thumb-up: Hey guys and gals,

I was working on my 97 disco yesterday to resolder a point on my window ECU that controls the operation of the back two windows..i got it(the windows) to work and I was squeezing the circuit board back into place when it touched a peice of mtal inside the glove box where it rests. Well, a small flash and crack followed and then my windows didnt work anymore and now my AC too..I made the HUGE mistake of not unconecting the circuit board before soldering. I did an in car solder to fix the problem because I couldnt seem to get the connectors to the circuit board loose..basicaly I screwed up royally! SO my question(s) is (are)..what can I do to fix this. My right passenger window was dwon when I was operationg and my back sun roof was open..so now both of them are frozen in place..next question..can I order or do I even need to order a new circuit board and where do I look for that (preferably not a dealer) ..or is ther esomeother way of doing this..

Thanks for any suggestions!

UNC Discovery

06-19-2007, 05:44 PM
i do auto glass for a living, my preferred method of getting a window back up is to hook 12v leads strait to the window motor off the battery (or a 12v drill works quite well). check fuses then trace your circuit to make sure its just the board that's fried too.