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10-07-2013, 04:57 PM

Name: Guinevere.
104,000 miles (!!!!)
Pembroke Grey Exterior & Grey Leather Interior
3.9 V-8
Short Wheel Base (not a County!)


Driver Side Profile (more pics at Cars.com Link!)

Dash pic 10/8/13 Shows actual mileage, parked idle speed on tach, driving temp & no dash warning lights are on!



HI. From 1997-2002 I was a very active RoversNorth Forum user. We have had Guinevere for a long time and taken as good of care of her as we could. She is ready to go to another good Rover home now - preferably here in Washington State.

I will post ext/int pics of her soon.

Due to moving from a home with spacious garage and shop to a downtown loft condo, we are going from 3 cars to 1 car and selling Guinevere, our 92 Range Rover Classic. She has been enjoyed by us since 1997, first as a rabid hobby by me with light off-roading trips and numerous British car shows, then as a great 2nd/3rd family vehicle including a daily driver for my high school daughter through 2012.

She is ready to go to a good home for immediate enjoyment, light restoration or to be turned into a great off road vehicle. Looking to start your British/Rover hobby with a basic no frills Land Rover? Then this one may be perfect for you. There is no problematic AntiLockBrake system or auto electric ride height pump system to deal with and no major engine or tranny issues either.

We are looking for serious inquiries only and not interested in gamesmanship which is why I have developed a list of what you need to know before you start asking lots of questions. Please read The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly listed below, and if your interest is still there, then I look forward to hearing from you. and showing you the vehicle. We are located in the heart of downtown Tacoma., WA.

You may contact me here on the RN bulletin boards or by email at the one I set up to sell the vehicle: 92RangeRoverForSale@gmail.com

Thank you!



Purchased used by me in 1997 from Robert Larson's Autohaus/Porsche dealer in Tacoma, WA at 52,997 miles.
Less than 104,000 miles today!!! Which is an average of only 3200 miles per year driving.
ARB/Old Man Emu light/medium duty shocks and springs yielding a natural 1.5" lift
OME steering dampner
EBC performance dimpled brake rotors and Green Performance brake pads
Power Sun/Moon Roof works perfectly
Front brush bar replaced in 2010
Right Rear lamp guard replaced in 2010 (Left one is here, but not on the vehicle yet.)
New rear bumper in 2010
IPF 900ddcs driver lights (needs a fuse though)
K&N Air Filter and cleaner package.
Towing package, included.
No ABS system to deal with!
No auto lift/ride system to deal with!
Cat Converter and O2 sensors have been replaced (added Northwest Rover Performance all stainless cat Y system.)
I ran a CarFax report on it in 2006 so have full history on it back to first seller
I located all service records on the vehicle from Hornburg Jaguar in Los Angeles and have them. Only missing records are 1996 to when I bought it in 97.
New 60 month warranty battery in May 2013
Tons of life left in the genuine Michelin tires.
All services done by same mechanic since 1999 (Lloyd & Wilson in Tacoma, WA) all records avail.
Passed WA State emissions in May 2013 - current WA tabs till May 2014.
Only 1 floor drip/leak - garage floor diapers included!
All mileage tracked since purchase in 97, all service receipts kept, and Super Unleaded fuel has always been used in it(as required.)
Garaged since 97.
AC Works well
Heater works well.
Numerous extras included such as:
Genuine Land Rover 2 part Service/Workshop Manuals with Update bulletins ($150 value)
Porter Manuals Range Rover Service Guide
2 HAYNES Service and Restore Guides
Numerous exploded parts diagrams with reference #s.
Complete set of Brand New (still in the package) Old Man Emu Yellow/Poly Bushings never installed (always garaged the parts - never held in extreme temps.) $200 value.
Complete road side emergency kit including (distributor cap, thermostat, full set of spark wires, and 2 sets of belts) to get you back on the road and safely home (I never needed it though!)
New timing belt and front cover gasket - not installed or ever needed.
Replacement denso alternator core - ready to be rebuilt (we replaced alternator with a brand new one - not a rebuild.)
One New CrossLand/UK oil filter - ready to install at next oil change!
Minimal rust on rear tailgate!
Minimal rust on entire vehicle!
Rear storage area cover is beautiful and intact.
Spare tire is beautiful!
Power seats work
Front window defroster works well.
Rubber floor mats included
No dash board/Check Engine warning lights - car always serviced if any ever come on.
Numerous dash plaques and Rover paraphernalia from showing this vehicle at Bellevue and Portland All British Field Meets including the 50 year Land Rover celebration in 1998.
Unique LR stickers included including Pacific Coast Rover Club and an awesome Galway/Irish Rover Dealer sticker on the front wind screen.


The paint is a bit faded and a flat (before 1997 it was located in bright, sunny California, and may have been kept outside.) The aluminum roof has one 50 cent sized place where the paint has peeled off - no rust there since it is aluminum.
The interior is over 20 years old and showing its age such as:
Some carpet wear issues by gas pedal (most carpet superb though)
Driver seat leather is cracked/worn and 2 small tears at seams
Rear passenger-side seat belt is broken (the clip)
The switch up front for the Right rear window does not work (but the rear one on the door does!)
In 2010, the vehicle was mildly rear ended resulting in minimal damage to the right rear panel (no frame damage though!) All damage was professionally repaired but now the right rear panel and right rear door are much newer looking and glossier than the original faded paint (wasn't in a position to have a full paint job at the time.)
Missing 1 mud flap
Power Door lock system needs work (but does work.)
Rear doors need adjustment (not opening easily from outside - you need to reach in from front doors to unlock and open them.)
Rear upper tailgate window gas struts are shot (but I have a solution!)
Some interior fit/finish issues such as a few plastic and wood cracks (its over 20 years old!)
Sometimes the gas filler door doesn't open as easily as it should.
The PRNDL/Transmission shifter film has come loose.
Interior Heater Fan is a little noisy.
Cruise Control not functioning all the time.
Rear window defroster sometimes works.
Dashboard Trip log/counter no longer works (rest of dashboard is fine and accurate.)


Northwest Rover Performance All Stainless Exhaust system is shot. 4-5 exhaust patches in place, will need to be replaced before next emissions test. The All-Stainless Northwest Rover Performance "Y" pipe catalytic converter system is fine though.
Steering box reservoir has a leak (this is the only floor drip though!) It is not believed to be from the actual steering box. Steering box has minimal noise in it.
Like most 92s, the interior Head liner died in 2012. Entire head liner and pad was removed in 2013 and not replaced. Vehicle looks fine without it (tougher now!)
Drivers side rear passenger door handle is broken (metal fatigue from being frozen one day in winter 2012)
We obviously own this vehicle free and clear, but in our Spring 2013 move, the title was lost (most likely shredded in a box that said Do Not Shred.) We have an "affidavit for lost title" ready for any purchaser in Washington State that the banks will accept when we go to transact payment. However, out of state buyers will need to wait 8 weeks for the new title to be delivered here. - TITLE ISSUE RESOLVED! - SEE FOLLOWUP POST FROM 10/8/13. Thank you.

10-08-2013, 03:01 PM
TITLE ISSUE RESOLVED! - I have an immediate fix even for out of state buyers. However, for security purposes, I am requiring that you be present in Tacoma at time of sale/title transfer which will occur at a WA Department of Licensing Office.

10-10-2013, 06:32 PM
Got the listing up on Cars.com.

To see photos, current dash board pic (running at temp, no dash warning lights and shows actual mileage & tach/idle.)

Here is the link spelled out:


Or just click HERE. (http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?paId=&listingId=128811528)

You can click from there to see the CarFax on the vehicle also.



10-21-2013, 05:16 PM
This rig was sold to a local enthusiast today for full asking price. Thank you all for your interest in the vehicle and to the ROVERS NORTH BB CREW MEMBERS and Sales Staff for helping me Guenivere over the last 16 years or so.

-Craig O'Hanlon
(Former) Owner of a 92RR SWB 3.9 Pembroke Grey with 104K miles.