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06-14-2007, 11:09 AM
I miss my 91 D1 and am thinking about getting rid of my 4runner and getting another D1, preferably a 5speed. The 4runner gets around 18mpg in the city but at the cost of a weak 4 banger. I can handle a bit of a loss in MPG for more power.

What are the pros and cons of the D1's.

What do i need to look for and watch out for when i look at one?


06-14-2007, 11:16 AM
I dread the D1's rust factor... They are great looking and smooth riding but seem to me like they tend to leak and rust easily at the back doors and bumpers.

Another common problem for D1's seems to be the power steering system. They leak leak leak if not taken care of properly. This was the case with my 96. There was power steering fluid that had caked up on everything underneath the engine and tire wells. I am still cleaning junk off.

These are about the worst complaints i have to date...

06-14-2007, 08:50 PM
That's kind of an open-ended question, isn't it? LOL...

Most Disco's need some work to the head gaskets around 100k miles, meaning new gaskets and possibly smoothing of the mating surfaces. Sometimes the leak is nothing more than oil, but sometimes you start mixing oil and coolant... you can figure the rest out.

As far as leaks...

but seem to me like they tend to leak and rust easily at the back doors and bumpers.

Another common problem for D1's seems to be the power steering system. They leak leak leak if not taken care of properly.

Yep, they're like any other Rover - they leak! I have about 145k on my Disco and have had the power steering leaks. New box and hoses about 30k ago ( I think?) and no leaks since. At least not from power steering. I have a few other leaks, such as pinion seals and a few other random ones. At this point none of them worry me too much.

Let's see, what else? Water pumps sometimes go around 100k, and I've heard the fuel pump will too, but so far I'm good on the fuel pump. Viscous fan clutch went around 20-30k ago.

Heater cores tend to leak into the cabin at times. And if you're looking at vehicles with sunroofs you should check for leaks around the roofs. I've heard that the alpine windows also tend to leak, but I haven't seen that yet. My headliner is sagging in quite a few places...

I am starting to see some rust, but maybe my recent move from J'Action'ville to San Diego will slow that down?

Starting to get more squeeks and rattles as it ages.

Buddy, can you think of any other common issues?

I really haven't seen any other big disadvantages to the Disco. Easy to work on. Comfortable. Great vis from the drivers seat. A little limited on cargo area compared to a DII, but isn't all of life a trade off?

Check for records on any possible purchases to get a feel for the level of routine maintenance and the big-picture of how the particular vehicle has been cared. Something about an ounce of prevention comes to mind...

Ditch the 'yota...

EDIT: Check the functionality of the CDL. Many owners have never moved that thing and the linkage is sometimes seized.

As for fuel economy, I was averaging around 15-16 mpg with 245/75s and 2" lift,bumper, winch. Now getting around 11-13mpg with roof rack and re-geared axles (4.1 GBR).

06-15-2007, 04:32 PM
Buddy, can you think of any other common issues?

I think the biggest issue is neglect and poor maintenance on these trucks. I know of plenty of people that have never had any issues but they do their own maintenance and replace things when they need it rather then when they break.

Valve jobs and Cat's are the biggest things I have heard of on older DI's I'm in need of a set of new cats myself but just holding out for the time being.

The biggest areas to look for rust is under the carpet mostly in the rear bed and the front foot wells. The Discos have a thick spongy rubber for insulation which works just like a spong and traps water ontop of the floors. Fortunatly the engineers at Rover forsight to put an 1/8" thick layer of solid rubber over the spong in order to keep the water from evaporating and maximizing the rust factor. :D

Other areas of rust that are common are the rear wheel wells especially where the pillar meets the wheel well. Also pre 96 had problems with leaky D-Pillars and alpine windows. But I think they fixed that sometime in 96.

Leaks are normal don't worry about them unless you're really loosing fluid. But if it's not leaking enough to where you have to top of all the time just think of it as automatic chassie lubrication.

If you really want information on this go to www.discoweb.org and search the forum and you will find tons and tons of information since this question is asked over there at least once a week. But do yourself a favor don't ask this question over there because as I've said it's been asked about a million times and you will get yelled at if you don't search first.

Anyway good luck.

06-15-2007, 05:31 PM
get yelled at if you don't search first.

Thats the fun part, kind of like being on Pirate and asking how to check your oil. :D

Nothing more fun than stiring up a hornets nest! :eek:

06-18-2007, 03:53 PM
The 4Runner and the Discovery I
are both great vehicles in my opinion - I've got a 95 Disco
and its the best vehicle! I love the ride - it does leak a bit
as they all do-(with genuine part gaskets). Compared to the 4Runner its more versatile.
stronger chassis, coil springs and V8.

Its more of the Land Rover Marque or status that you'll find any
difference, unless you hit the trails often, or drive in snow 4 mo. out of the year.
The Japanese can certainly make reliable autos - I'm fond of
the 80's - 90's Land Criusers personally. But...

The Discovery has it all (exept good gas mileage)
Check the problem areas as noted and take it to the
Land Rover Dealer to get a full work up (you just may thank
yourself). -cheers

06-19-2007, 05:27 PM
my 95 has had almost all of the above mentioned; still love it.

i actually went to the dealership and got a printed record of all the dealer maintenance ever done on mine from 200 miles on; i recommend this because many of the typical issues had already been tended to as "regular maintenance" by the dealer.

crawl under it and see what looks leaky. poke around and see what's rusted. take it to a trusted mechanic to be inspected. and ask lots of questions to see if the seller is a rover person or just happened to own one.