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02-23-2014, 06:41 AM
I have a 1999 Land rover Discovery (Now Located in Maine) that I bought from a gentleman 2 years ago who just moved here from Arizona. At that point it was stock, had 124k, and was rather bland. However, it had virtually zero frame or floor pan rust which was a huge selling point for me as I was looking for a decent truck to build up.

Therefore, this is what the truck has so far.

Auto, 127K, Jump seats, Inspected (as of 10/13).

*RTE (formerly RoverTym) 3 inch lift with RTE castor corrected front radius arms
*ProComp Shocks (can't remember type)
*Adjustable Panhard arm
*New steering connecting rods and ball joints with new HD gas charged stabilizer.
*New Tom Woods Double Cardon front drive shaft with grease fittings.
*33" x 12"x 15" Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ with less then 3k on them. They are literally like new ($1200)
*ProComp steel rims 15"x8" with offset
*New steel cat back exhaust
*DAP Roof Basket and rear ladder
*New battery with battery quick disconnect.
*Ridiculous amount of AmsOil Heavy Duty Metal Protectant layered up underneath as undercoating. Again, virtually no rust areas. This stuff is like fluid film but thicker and doesn't wash off. it is like bees wax. Feel free to scrape and inspect any part of the under carriage.

Factory radio and CD changer, Sunroofs, etc. I removed most of the interior including the carpets, headliners, etc to reduce weight, improve performance, but also to "truck Bed-Line" the floors for easier cleaning etc. Because of this, the truck actually netted over 4" of lift. I left the rear jump seats giving it kind of a older "series" feel....ok...i said kind of.

The head gaskets were done when I bought the vehicle. Holds perfect compression.

Not going to lie about engine light faults...Current check engine light indicates O2's, catalyst, and charcoal canister purge. Yet, It runs silky smooth and just fine; it idles very smoothly and accelerates like new. Thus, i'm not going to drop $$$ into emissions crap to drive the truck 3-4k a year...mostly off road. I drive it every sunday over to out transfer station to keep the fluids flowing...I don't leave it sitting for more then a week at a time.

I have the title in hand. I would like to move onto another Rover project and this one is half way there. Could use a nice front and rear bumper with winch, perhaps rear links, etc. $3900 simply reimburses me for the lift kit, basket, and the $1200 tires it's currently rolling around on. I also will include a set of again, like new, Michelin all season road tires it came with when I bought it. They conservatively have between 80-85% tread left. you need them to get a sticker...that and a OBD2 scanner with reset :)

Adult civil servant owned. No kids, no craziness, and no BS.

NOTE: You get the basket pictured on the ground...THE DAP basket. The Genuine Roof basket I keep.

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03-08-2014, 10:20 AM
Do you still have this for sale? I don't know this year's pros and cons but I'm going to do some research. What kind of work needs to be done to fix the engine faults? I live in NM and to be honest if it's just emission rules, then that its not really an issue! We're kinda lax here. I'd like another vehicle for commuting so I'll look into the mpg and see how it runs on highways. Is there anything you'd want a new owner to know to take care of?
On the positive, I need a vehicle for dogs, hay bales, camping and mountains! Is the back bed area 6ft long for the bales? And I have a 72 Series so I'm comfortable taking care of the maintanance if nothing else. Anyway, let me know sometime about the repairs etc. Thanks!

03-08-2014, 11:55 AM
That is sweet.

03-09-2014, 08:40 PM
Yep, sweet looking but now Ive done my research it's not going to work for me. Good luck selling it!