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10-27-2006, 08:52 PM
Heater worked fine. In fact I could wear my infamous shorts during december. Had some transmission work done about 3 months ago when it was 90+ outside. Noticed after I picked the rover up that one of the heater core hoses was disconnected and a heater bypass was done. Didn't pay that much attn to it at the time a figured I would just reconnect when I had the opportunity. A couple of weeks ago I had that opportunity and with screwdriver in hand I realized there was no stem or nipple or much of anything coming through the firewall to connect to! I know it is the right location....just below the other hose.....a inlet and a outlet. Am I missing something? Maybe it was cut or something I don't know. Either way......I hope I don't have to replace the heater core because some toolbox cut the D#$@ hose! If so......is this a job for someone who tears these apart often and if so about how much labor time to do? I can take apart...it's putting it back together that will be the downfall.I know the core is about ~150.00/Rovers North.

Thanks for your input.

Jerry 92RR
10-27-2006, 10:02 PM
If the nipple is broken off in the remaining hose, there's your answer. The heater core is really not able to shift allowing one input / output nozzle to slip back into the firewall. My guess is they broke it and bypassed it.... surprise! You found their screw up and it's some time since they had your truck. Hopefully the shop will own up to it. IIRC, it's about 12 hours labor in the book. Make sure you get the all metal replacement, not the plastic metal combo.
Take pictures if you want, I just put screws and fastners in baggies and labeled them. I also did NOT remove the center console. Make sure to loosen the top most deck on the dash -to do this you must remove the nuts holding down the instrument binnacle. Makes for an easier removal and re-install of the heater box. An extra set of hands on the heater box for re-assembly really helps because the flaps like to slip from the designated slots / holes.
The only two hard parts are the removal of heater hoses down in the tight space behind the engine and the re-assembly of the heater box. Use a little lube (vaseline or liquid soap on the nozzles for the hoses to slip back on easier. Don't forget the hose clamps (I did that.)

One last thing, during the heater box install WATCH the controls for defrost and vent, etc.. I now have only defrost because I twisted something and I'm not motivated enough to remove the crap again.

One more last thing, no need to discharge the a/c, unbolt the unit and carefully place on pass floor, you may need to put something on the floor for it to sit on because of pipe or hose length, I can't remember.

10-29-2006, 09:31 AM
Thanks Jerry. That's what I suspected. I love spending my hard earned money because of some toolbox. With 3 mos passing I doubt they'll own up to it. I will let the owner know about though. Either he knew or didn't and one of his ace mechanics needs to be spotlighted. That's bad business. :nono: If he would have told me I would have probably met them half way due to the mileage/age as I understand those cores/hoses start marking their territory about 100k+ so......

I'll have to see how bad the local shop will hit me up. Not enjoying the thought of no heat nor the thought of spending the money.:mad:

ADVICE: IF YOU EVER SEE SOMETHING AMISS...MINOR or NOT.... AFTER A VISIT TO A SHOP...RUN..DON'T WALK......BACK IMMEDIATELY. I should have ask them to reconnect the hose they disconnected. My mistake for not checking the heater supply lines at the firewall too. Sounds like an expensive lesson in a class that I didn't even sign up for.

Either way.....thanks for the insight Jerry.

11-20-2006, 09:16 AM
I would most certainly take it back and see if they own up to it. I wouldnt say it's the customer's responsibility to check over the work done, but since you did notice the hoses...well, take it back.
When my heater core fails, I will scrap the truck...:(

11-27-2006, 10:03 PM
Awe Jeff, don't be such a wuss.

Actually I'm not one to talk. I had to have the heater core done in my '89. Dealer wanted about $1k back in '97 (11 hours.) I ended up taking it to Rovers North as their labor rates were cheaper, they only required 6 hours and I was heading up that way to ski anyhow (it's about an 11 hour drive up there.)

I've had the dash apart to replace and work on the A/C and vent controls, but haven't been as deep as the heater core. Rovers North must have had it down to a science.

I get ever so faint of antifreeze smell in my '94 when I first use the heat if I have not operated it in a while, but it shows no signs of leaking. I'm hoping it is just residual from a previous explosion and repair. We'll see.

Larry M.
89' RRC (for sale)
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Rod Turnbull
11-28-2006, 02:18 AM
I seem to have the same problem as Billfish... other than mine was like that when I bought it... I figured it didn't actually get cold enough in Southern Canada to need a heater, but the Wife seems to think other wise. Any one know what Rovers North charges for this job now? I could use a little ski vacation myself... You guys got snow up there yet? :rolleyes: