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June 12, 2014

Updated details about the MCC3. Perhaps the first and most important piece of news is the change of location to Lime Rock Park (yes! that Lime Rock!) Lakeville, CT The official dates are July 31, August 1,2, 3, 2014.

Eric, what’s new and cool about the Lakeville, CT location?

A historic, huge, secure, private campsite with electricity,running water, showers, bathrooms, etc. Also, the cost to camp is under $35.00 per night!!!

Room to spread out, and have a proper bonfire!

More room for guests and their Rovers

Quiet location for families

Not so quiet location for cigars and libations

Sporting Clays and Off-Roading opportunities at Orvis

Cocktail reception at The Crown Maple Estate

Motorsport activities – you won’t believe this…..TBA

44 Lessons and Challenges

An ultra-hard core zero recovery gear challenge

Returning and new sponsors- THANK YOU ROVERS NORTH!, a new Grand Champion Trophy, and tons and tons of prizes!

The return of the American Harvest Hospitality tent
and so much more!

All this under the general idea – that we do this because it’s fun and we like it! The Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge is not for profit!

What is it?

Several years ago, a large group of like minded Land Rover owners got together in Stowe, Vermont for the first Muddy Chef Challenge. A weekend event combining off-roading and a vehicle based gourmet cooking challenge (think The Great Race meets Top Chef).

LAST YEAR (2013) the event was resurrected! Held in August in Mystic, CT. We used the North Stonington KOA as our base camp for the event. More than twenty Land Rovers arrived and the event was a smashing success. Our Sponsors included Land Rover, Rovers North, Atlantic British, GS Promo Source and American Harvest Vodka.

This event is firmly tongue in cheek and is more focused on having a good time, meeting and getting to know the participants, and talking all things Land Rover.

When is it?

The 2014 Muddy Chef Challenge official dates are July 31, August 1,2,3 2014!

Where is it?

GPS – N4155’51.57″ – W7323’29.56″

Lime Rock Park
60 White Hollow Road
Lakeville, CT 06039

How hard is the off-road part?

I’ve been told that stock Series vehicles can drive the course, so should be a fun afternoon. There are several routes for those who want more of a challenge. There will be instruction for those who want it. Professional Off-Road Instructors from Land Rover and Michelin will be guiding and helping with safety and recovery. We strive for zero body damage.

What does my vehicle need?

You need a solid recovery point on the front and rear of the vehicle. The recovery points should be installed before we hit the trail. Your vehicle should be in good repair without any serious frame rust and able to handle basic off-road challenges. I could go into horrific detail here, but won’t. If you brung it and want to run it – fine. As with all events like this, YOU are responsible for your own actions. If you hurt yourself – you are responsible. We don’t need lawyers……

What if I break down?

Not a problem. You will be surrounded by some of the most talented and experienced mechanics and Land Rover experts on the planet (T. Congleton Rovers, etc.) Should you have a breakdown, just about everyone will go out of their way to lend a hand and get you back on the trail or road again.

What’s it cost?

We are unique. We believe that events like The Muddy Chef Challenge should be run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Unlike similar for profit events in the North-East, we are fully transparent with costs and expenses. Zero profit always!


You only pay for camping. Those fees are $35.00 per night and paid directly to Lime Rock Park.

What should I bring?

As this a vehicle based camping and cooking event. Participants need the usual camping equipment, tents, chairs, sleeping bags, coolers, cooking equipment, etc, etc. We encourage participants to set up an African Safari style camp. Oriental rugs, leather chairs, Land Rover flags and signs – go over the top! Prizes will be awarded for the most outrageous campsite. Our base camp last year was a huge Revolutionary War Canvas Tent!

If you forget something don’t worry everyone is happy to share and there are plenty of nearby grocery stores, farm markets and liquor stores.

Can I bring anything to help the event?

For the event – we could use just about everything. Tarps, banners, camp stoves, coolers, screened in porch thingies, a 10,000 watt PA system, and just about anything else that would add to the fun of the event. Please feel free to let us know what you can and want to bring.




email: info@muddychef.com

We look forward to seeing you at The Muddy Chef Challenge 3!

04-11-2014, 09:39 AM
Would a non-land rover owner but enthusiast be allowed to attend?

04-12-2014, 12:30 PM
As long as you don't show up in Jeep! LOL.

04-14-2014, 02:30 PM
UPDATE 4/14/2014

We are heading out to Lime Rock Park this week to meet with Skip Barber and staff. I'll take photos of the racetrack, the campsite and surrounding areas. We are also headed to the Orvis shooting school (and the former location of the Land Rover Driving School) with a 2004 Land Rover G4 Challenge Discovery and may take a few laps around the old school course.

Also, we will be visiting our off-road areas and scouting trails. We will rate them (like ski trails) green, blue, black and double black. An important goal this year is to avoid trail traffic jams and keep everyone moving all day.

The Registration page on www.muddychef.com is not working as well as I'd like - so expect to see changes there soon. Also, there will be a link to Lime Rock's campsite reservation page and a special MCC3 discount rate. Look for that sometime next week.

Registering is important as it locks in your place and provides you with the event ticket, etc. Remember - its free!

Want to be an event sponsor? We have left and right cap side logo areas on the event hats. Sponsors will receive 4 free hats as a reward for sponsoring the event. Email info@muddychef.com to learn more.

Check back later in the week for site photos, trail photos and videos.



05-01-2014, 02:31 PM
Updated info about our trip to Lime Rock and photos on www.muddychef.com

05-07-2014, 06:44 PM
There are 20 registration spots left for The Muddy Chef Challenge!

06-06-2014, 08:55 PM

Our charity this year is Autism Speaks (http://www.autismspeaks.org/). Classic Car Performance (http://classiccarperformance.com/) has donated a Series or V8 high torque starter.

All money raised during the raffle will be donated to Autism Speaks.

Learn more by visiting
http://www.autismspeaks.org (http://www.autismspeaks.org/)

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06-18-2014, 04:16 PM
Thus far we have 37 teams cooking in the Challenge. That's crazy! Add free Harpoon Beer, and American Harvest Vodka and you've got a serious party!

06-30-2014, 09:54 AM

We just updated the Schedule of Events (http://WWW.MUDDYCHEF.COM). Added interactive directions to Orvis and Crown Maple. The FREE - Harpoon and American Harvest tents will be open Friday and Saturday night late.... whoo hoo! We are heading back this week to re-do the Overland Challenge course. I'm batting 100 for setting these up. I did one on the Equinox Land Rover course a few years ago that was so good it was impossible to find. I managed to replicate this success when I setup the Overland course a few weeks ago....

PHOTO: Building the 2 mile road of doom section of the 4x4 course in the GMF. ROCK SLIDERS recommended:


When Chris and I went back and ran the GPS and land navigation points - same thing happened.... Impossible to find. Me thinks It's installer error or all the titanium in my body is screwing with the GPS signals...... Anyway, back again this week to try and make a course that can be found.

Also, in addition to all the prizes and awards, Crown Maple Syrup (an event sponsor) will be including samples of their amazing Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar in the arrivals packages. The best food entry using CM products will be selected by Crown Maple judges.

The winner will have their team name and winning year engraved on the grand champion trophy that will be on permanent display at Madava Farms/Crown Maple. The winner will also receive a bottle of Crown Maple Syrup. Cool stuff.

Visit: www.muddychef.com (http://www.muddychef.com) for more info

Have questions about the event or ideas? email info@muddychef.com

07-07-2014, 11:07 AM
It's almost here! Like Gin? There will be samples of a newly created ultra premium Gin on hand. Too bad I'm a PBR guy. Also, the grand champion winner will have their team name engraved on a gallon bottle of Crown Maple Syrup and put on permanent display at The Madava Estate. Too Cool!

07-08-2014, 02:23 PM
WOW! That's the American Harvest Tent! If you don't know. American Harvest was created by the inventor and founders of Grey Goose Vodka.


More than 40 teams are registered to compete in the cooking challenge with more registering every day. Want to learn more about this amazing even? Visit us at www.muddychef.com (http://www.muddychef.com) or on Facebook. Remember the event is FREE! That's right it's totally free. The only thing to pay for is camping fees @Lime Rock Park. EVERYTHING else is FREE. Also, we donate 100% of the funds raised from our charity raffle to Autism Speaks (http://www.autismspeaks.org/). We believe it's important to support the enthusiast community, make ZERO profit and give back to others. Join us for an amazing weekend!

07-16-2014, 09:44 AM
Registration for The Muddy Chef Challenge is almost full. Remember this event is 100% totally and completely FREE. ZERO PROFIT. It's an enthusiast event for Land Rover owners. The money we spent organizing, pre-running the trails, and setting up the event came out of our pockets because we are enthusiasts. We don't expect YOU to pay US for organizing this event. The only cost to attendees is camping fees paid directly to Lime Rock Park. The fees charged are used to pay for Lime Rock staff who are on-site 24 hours during our event.

To learn more about the event visit www.muddychef.com

07-21-2014, 07:49 AM