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06-10-2014, 07:57 AM
1995 Beluga Black RRC LWB, 154,000 miles. 1 owner vehicle

This 1995 RRC LWB was acquired by Congleton Racing team member Alexandra Hughes. This is a one-owner vehicle with over $50,000 of Dealer service receipts included, over $64,000 in service receipts total!
We love this car, especially the unblemished Beluga black paint with its new Range Rover lettering in the back. Unfortunately, we already have four and just cant keep every Classic!
If you are reading this ad, you are no doubt familiar with this last year of the RRC: Range Rover’s first and greatest attempt at an estate car. This is the super rare LWB Soft dash version, meaning Land Rover spent countless resources updating the platform, then only offered it for one year before switching to the unloved P38A. What this means for the owner is an updated, serpentine drive belt, equipped 4.2 liter engine (with fresh tune-up by CRR), performance ECU, performance exhaust, air suspension that is fully functional and soft dash creature comforts.
This vehicle separates itself from the herd of currently available classics for a couple reasons; first its air suspension is fully operational and reliable, having been meticulously serviced by the dealer for its entire 19 year life. Second all systems are fully operational, keyless entry, power seats, CD player, sunroof, cruise control the list is endless. Thirdly unlike most Classics which see dealer care for a few years and then are relegated to used car status, this vehicle was spared no expense. Rebuilt motor, rebuilt ZF trans, new remanufactured Borg Warner transfer box, all new fluids, AT tires with 95% tread life, unscathed wheels. The vehicle attains 80MPH without trying and while lowering itself automatically for improved handling! All the while running ice cold A/C and a worry free engine temp of 40% (185 degrees)
We have seen all the Classics at CRR and are so happy to offer this one to a good home. Too often we see examples of these complex vehicle neglected, off roaded and serviced by inexperienced personnel with sub standard parts. It is so refreshing to see there are a few of the elusive “1 owner” RRC cars out there; that were garage kept and cared for. By the way it has never been off road!
Below is a list of things that stand out to us with this vehicle; in no particular order-

Super bright ballasted 8000Kelvin HID headlamps with high and low beam.
Fully functional Fog lamps
Fully functional Driving lamps by Hella
Unscathed side steps, a genuine part no longer available
Unblemished 5 spoke RRC wheels available only on this year RRC
Fully functional power seats, sunroof, A/C, keyless entry, original radio with good sound quality by Harman Kardan
Non-corroded rear lift-gate with new struts.
Brand new transfer box
Rebuilt ZF transmission
Rebuilt and resealed 4.2 liter serpentine motor with fresh tune up (plugs, wires, rotor cap, air filter, oil, etc)
Brand new Bilstein shocks
Fully operational air suspension with three height settings.
Un scathed leather seats
Beautiful carpet
Redone headliner to original quality with no sags.
All power windows, locks, seat heaters, electronic functions perform.
Front brush bar
Rear lamp guards
Beautiful paint recently sealed by CRR (this is not one of those that is shiny just in pictures in the sun, it is beautiful deep paint)
New Range Rover rear badging as the original had peeled and this is a neat attractive option that makes the vehicle look even more contemporary
Performance Exhaust by NRP, with genuine rear components
Performance ECU by CRR
Super quiet engine with no knocking.
No mysterious power draw issues, this vehicle can be locked, ignored for a month and it starts right up!

As with any vehicle we sell Taylor is available for questions anytime at 802-578-2461. All service records included. Support after the sale is only a phone call away.
Any custom service can be performed by CRR before customer takes delivery. We have a few ideas for making this truck quite Bespoke! Happy bidding and thank you for your time.

http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg298/steeltiger22/95rrc/4d6f7147e6011f76b70af5d3c6313393_zps303ade2c.jpg (http://s251.photobucket.com/user/steeltiger22/media/95rrc/4d6f7147e6011f76b70af5d3c6313393_zps303ade2c.jpg.h tml)
http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg298/steeltiger22/95rrc/4a477fa322d4d1e8970f1f09f5e7e41a_zps5d7eb49c.jpg (http://s251.photobucket.com/user/steeltiger22/media/95rrc/4a477fa322d4d1e8970f1f09f5e7e41a_zps5d7eb49c.jpg.h tml)
http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg298/steeltiger22/95rrc/883ceca1efc9b61d4c50f69c68d36b75_zpsfacc1fcf.jpg (http://s251.photobucket.com/user/steeltiger22/media/95rrc/883ceca1efc9b61d4c50f69c68d36b75_zpsfacc1fcf.jpg.h tml)
http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg298/steeltiger22/95rrc/77eaa52f7a0cbdd94b38a5759160c6c8_zps5e7505ac.jpg (http://s251.photobucket.com/user/steeltiger22/media/95rrc/77eaa52f7a0cbdd94b38a5759160c6c8_zps5e7505ac.jpg.h tml)

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