View Full Version : 1988 LHD D90 2.5TD soft top mechanically rebuilt with warranty

07-08-2014, 10:18 AM
Hello Guys,

This is our 3rd LHD build. Its a 1988 LHD D90 2.5td soft top. We redid the engine to 0 miles spec. List of all engine works below. We installed a new Ashcroft gearbox and 1.4 transfercase. The engine, gearbox, and transfer case all come with a 1 year parts warrenty.

Chassis and bulk head are in excellent condition with only slight surface rust. We redid the door bottoms as they needed a little love. They are the split window type. We have also gone through and replaced all the shocks, brakes, and cleaned up some of the wiring.

We make these LHD build's turn key Rovers. We wont let them leave the shop with any defects.

Paint is great condition and also sports the checker platting on the hood and wings. Soft top is also in excellent condition. Interior is new black exmoor seats and tuff box. Its a very sharp looking Rover.

Just leaving France now will be ready for delivery mid August.

Price is $19,500 and includes all shipping from France to the US, Customs charges, tax and a VT title.

We can take a small deposit to hold the Defender with balance being due once it arrives in the states and is ready for delivery.

References from previous LHD D90 build and other past client's available

Chassis number
Land Rover 90 Soft Top (White)
Date 03/03/88

Work list.
New Ashcroft Lt77
New 1.4Transfercase
new shocks
new wheel hubs and brakes and system completely gone over
New exmoore seats and tuff box
Door's bottoms repaired
New clutch
engines work list

Cylinder Head.

Chemically cleaned and pressure tested, all threads checked and rectified.
New core plugs.
New valve guides.
Recut valve veats.
New valves.
New valve eals.
New pre-combustion chamber hot spots.
New injector seats
Head resurfaced.


Chemically cleaned and pressure tested, all threads checked and rectified..
Rebored, honed and resurfaced.
New core plugs.
Crankshaft crack detected, checked for tolerance and polished or reground.
New teflon coated pistons.
New oil pump.
New camshaft.
New camshaft bearings fitted and honed.
Tappet assembly checked and replaced where necessary.
New big ends, main bearings and thrust washers.
New cylinder head bolts.

New water pump.
New temp and pressure sensors.
New thermostat.
New cambelt and tensioner.
New joints, oil seals, oil filter and gaskets.