View Full Version : '93LWB, Solid, lots of Extras. 172.5K

07-09-2014, 11:02 AM
I am listing this Plymouth Blue Classic for the owner. He was given the truck and had me do extensive work, including new brake lines, stainless exhaust, alternator, plugs, wires, electrical work and chassis bushings (not all). The vehicle has been converted to coils, and has a full set of waterproof seat covers and heavy pile mats. I changed out the rear upper hatch for a solid used one.
This truck has one of the most solid, rust free chassis out there, a strong running engine and smooth shifting transmission. Clear coat is peeling on the roof, but paint is generally decent. Owner had a medium-high end stereo installed, and it has nearly new (less than 2500 miles)Pirelli Scorpion ATs all around
Known issues are non-working ABS and AC. That said, this is as good a 21 year old classic as one will find.
Email me for more info, espencer3@aol.com. $2800 OBRO. No whiners please, the car is old enough to drink.