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06-22-2007, 12:55 PM
I am sort of embarassed by this thread, even though most
Rovers leak something.
Mine leaks a bit onto my Left catalytic converter causing
it to smoke (sometimes) - it's not terribly bad or frequent
- but I am concerned about the times it does.

My concern is when at a stop light, the smoke going into my
air intake and causing engine damage. This has been something I've
lived with for a year or more with little or no increase in frequency.
I have a K&N air filter. And also note: engine - 3.9 Liter - runs strong.

Should I be concerned - can this harm engine - what gasket must I
replace - I've replaced oil pan gasket twice -

Note: Valve cover gasket(s) leak a little. - Is this the one?


07-06-2007, 04:17 PM
I would be more concerned about what ever leak is coming in contact with a hot surface. Chances are it's not your leakey oil pan gasket but it is oil dripping from you valve cover onto you manifold. It's rather simple to fix however the left side is a bit tricky becasue of the plenum however, I would bet if you open your hood right now and look at you valve covers, you would see wet oil around the edges and little pitting on you manifold where the oil is coming in contact.
the oil pan gasket is minor...unless you are loosing a lot of oil that is. Instead of buying a new rubber gasket, get some $5 RTV gasket maker and save some cash! That what the dealer would do and charge you $175 (in Maine) to do it!
As far as smoke entering the engine...fear not. what ever smells you are experiencing due to the leaking I'm confident would never in a million years effect your engine. Inless the smoke is so bad that at a red light visibility is cut down to 3 feet in front of you becasue of the smoke, I would not worry about it.

Let me knao how it goes


07-07-2007, 05:57 PM
Yeah, you are right - the valve cover gaskets do leak.
In fact I am under the hood and under the vehicle after most
every drive I make cleaning up the oil. It is not enough to where
I am losing/adding oil (exept maybe a little every few months-if that)

Thank you for the reassurance on the smoke - it isnt bad/but I notice
On real hot days it tends to be worse, but again I can live with it
until I replace the valve cover gaskets.

I have a real clean rover underneath because I keep on top of it.
As well as under the hood. - But what a pain in the ass!!
At least it allows me to keep in close contact with my rover
and that is always a good thing!