View Full Version : Arnott Gen III air springs, Bottoming out???

06-24-2007, 08:53 PM
Anyone else here tried these Arnott Gen II air springs on their Classic?? I loved the idea of a variable spring rate and extended articulation off road. I put a set on the rear and am very dissappointed by the ride. Did I get a bad set or does everyone else have this problem? I find the truck bottoms out coming out of driveways and even over larger dips on the highway! I drove the truck for two years through just about everything and don't recall ever hitting bumpstops. I have hit them at least 12 times in the last 3 weeks since installing this. The sound and feeling of this is very unpleasant. The truck handeled great off-road however. No problems then. I have increased the height in standard profile and still bottomed out on a driveway. Embarassing in a Range Rover. I still have the stock units, but my replacement bladders leak (or in one case worse) under full articulation, so I shelled out extra for something that sounded great. The truck has 9 month old Bilstien HD shocks so I dont think dampening is the problem. Any insights?