View Full Version : suspension down

07-02-2007, 09:58 PM
:( I was back from an appointment and everything was ok until about a mile down the road the RR suspension just dropped out of the blue, bottomed out and would not work.
Checked all the fuses, leaks, tested compressor and it works just fine. wire for the compressor does not seem to be getting any juice which probably comes from the ECU. could it be? or is there another relay somewhere else?
Any ideas?

07-03-2007, 03:28 PM
It sounds as though the block has gone out. I dont know of a repair option for the block other than replacing it ($800+labor) and having something else break later. My suggestion is just go to springs. I changed to my first set on a '98 P38 and love them. There are a number of options available as far as spring rate, length, manufacturer, ect.. but the standard setups will work great for just daily driving. Be sure to replace your shocks at the same time, most people forget about the great ride a P38 has over time. Replacing the shocks along with the spring conversion will make you fall in love with your Rover all over again.

07-05-2007, 10:02 PM
Thank you for that reinforcement of my thoughts in regard to going full spring, it costs less and it is a permanent solution to the problem of never knowing what may happen just down the street with these EAS.