View Full Version : Rust: The Hidden Enemy

07-07-2007, 10:34 AM
Most of us dream about all the upgrades and accessories wee can put on our rovers! I know for my self I want nothing more then to place an order for all the parts I need and just get into it! However, one thing I did not anticipate is Rust! Rust seems to be an issue to almost every car, especially those of us who are located in the regions where they use salt and calcium to treat the roads during the winter. Although the outside painted panels of your Series Rover or Disco I is aluminum, the frame, chassis, roof, and structural under panels are made of good old steel. Therefore, these areas are prone to corrosion.

Since many of there areas lie in inconspicuous areas hidden from plain view, most of us will often proudly gleam at the sight of our Rover unaware of the rotting issues making their way out!

I am in the process of reconditioning my 99 Disco I and have uncovered some unlikely areas where I would have never guessed corrosion could have been such an issue. I simply started scraping and poking around at some of the surface rust and before the end of the weekend, I had dismantled almost 50% of my interior plastic panels, removed several exterior body panels, and had a half dozen or so baseball-sized holes in the wheel-wells, floor and other various areas!

Therefore I thought I would post some areas where I had uncovered some hidden rust so that you guys can check for yourselves on your own Rovers!

First check your roofline for little areas that are bubbling. Also check around the rubbers window seals and gutter.
Back Door wheel wells and D-post region. Especially up the side where the plastic cover is!
Under the hood in the front end where your radiator and headlights mount. A lot of salt and water can get trapped in here!
Rear door hinges
Check the Frame carefully along the whole way. I found that the factory undercoating tends to flake and trap all sorts of goodies
Check your axles and suspension components
Check the bottom inside of your doors. Rover doors don’t drain water well.
Finally, check your floor boards for areas that may have been scraped from off-roading or simply wear and tear
I hope this info helps you and your projects!