View Full Version : 94 County LWB electrical problems

07-22-2007, 11:32 AM
My problems started with the blower motor switch not working in the lower settings, but would work fine in the full position hence no fan or high fan only. Last week started the vehilce and switched fan to high it came on for a moment then stopped I figured a fuse had blown. Now other components have stopped working. No driver seat adjustments ( passenger works fine ) no interior lights, radio clock or mirror control. I have checked every fuse in the car with an ohm meter and all are fine. Could I have a bad relay or fuseable link ? if so hat are their locations. Any ideas help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Jerry 92RR
07-23-2007, 12:28 PM
Your blower motor problem was or is isolated most likely to the resistor pack located under the cowling. The cowling is the body panel between the hood and windshield. Pull off the air intakes on the cowling and look inside towards the pass side, that is the resistor pack. The other problems sounds like a fuse but you've already checked them so... ???

This is a Classic dash before the change to the Disco dash, right? You mentioned radio clock and I don't have one in my Classic, just the analog clock in the wood trim. If you have the later dash then my post is useless.

I have a fuse in the block (on dash next to climate controls) that runs the dome, stereo, driver's seat control only, clock and key buzzer. I pull this all of the time because my truck sits so much and it'll kill the battery.