View Full Version : Land Rover/Range Rover tune up & ECU fault finding software

07-23-2007, 10:39 AM
Apologies to any one who already knows this (most of you I guess) but living out in the boonies as I do I am about 100 miles from my nearest Land Rover service shop, and about 150 miles from my nearest Main Dealer. Accordingly I am pretty self sufficient.

Having recently bought my first Landy (a badly looked after '89 RRC) I was delighted to come across, buy and use Rovacom Lite diagnostic software. I now have a beautifully tuned '89 RRC that is responding well to some long overdue TLC.

Point of this post is the software is (relatively) cheap and easy to install and once you have the main adaptor to your regular PC (although I bought a new cheap laptop on eBay specially for it to keep in my shop) with different leads you can do loads of different LRs and RRs. http://www.rovacomlite.com is the place to go and tell Dennis 'Hi' from me.