View Full Version : Heater fan resistor pack

08-05-2007, 05:29 PM
I'm in the process of rebuilding my heater box. At this moment I'm reconditioning the fan. It squealed like a banshee before. After some oil it's like new again.

But it only has speeds I and III.

After checking things it appears the resistor pack is the culprit. So I'm ordering a replacement.

Here's my question...

In the '90 RRC there is a resistor pack in the heater box with the motor which isn't connected to anything. Why? The 5 connector plug has Orange, Green, and White wires going to the resistor but the connector from the main wiring harness only has two wires White and Black which pass the voltage to the heater blower motor.

This resistor pack is not the same as the one found under the hood cowl which I am replacing.

I just wonder why there's a resistor in the heater box which isn't used by the Rover at all. Very strange.