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08-07-2007, 02:26 PM
Hello -

I have a '97 D-90. Several years ago, I put larger pipes from the Catalytic converter back and a perfomance muffler on on the car. I am not sure if I got more horsepower. I think that exhaust sound increased a little. I was thinking about investing in an engine back system from NRP or BORLA. Has any one done this? Has it improved performance, MPG, anything else?

Please advise.

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08-07-2007, 02:49 PM
Back when I owned my '94 Defender 90 NAS Soft Top I put a NRP exhaust on and was pleased with it. My D90 had 48k miles when the original rear muffler needed replacing. I ended up installing this right before the long drive from VT > CO 2001 Solihull Nationals. Yup, we drove with the pop-up trailer with BFG Mud Terrains and new NRP all the way out and back. The BFGs ended up being louder than I thought :rolleyes:

(Taken half way down Black Bear Pass trial looking back up, Telluride, CO would be to the extreme right.)

The exhaust helped on Hwy 70 Vail Pass :thumb-up:. Not sure if it made any huge mpg improvement (I was towing a pop-up camper) but man did it sure sound good on full throttle going up Vail Pass. Oh, I also had a K&N air filter installed and removed the air intake horn for increased air, even if it was hot.