View Full Version : Series IIa 109 / D1 Hybrid Build

03-28-2023, 02:24 PM
Hey folks, Iím starting the process of moving a 71 Series IIa 109 body to 97 D1 chassis. The D1 has a solid V8 4.0. R380 & LT230. Does anyone here have experience with this build? Iím hoping for some advice to streamline the process. I'd like to keep the Series breakfast so any help with bulkhead placement, chassis lengthening, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bob

03-30-2023, 02:12 PM
I haven't done this particular chassis swap. On my '76 Series III 109 I had to mount an electric fan on the outside of the radiator for engine clearance. There was no room for the stock engine fan in the engine bay. I have the old Range Rover drive train (3.5L V-8 and LT 95 trans/transfer case combination with Fairy overdrive), so I have V-belt accessory drive, which also saves a little space between the engine and the radiator. All else fit in pretty good with some custom engine and trans mounts. I had no issues with the bulkhead, be super careful if you have to lengthen the chassis, even a 1/4 of and inch off, from side to side, will cause problems. Good luck...