View Full Version : disco series 1 headliner sagging

09-08-2007, 10:20 AM
Hello Fellow disco drivers does anybody know a good fix for sagging headliner?? thanks

09-08-2007, 11:19 AM
Hey man,
The whole headliner thing is quite subjective to how bad yours actaually
is. If you have a headliner hat whenever you drive, you'll need to have it replaced (can be done from home) -best done by an upholstery shop.
They can match the color perfect and dont need to ask Land Rover
for the part. If the headliner is only sort of saggy, For awhile you may
put a sort of tack at all eight corners of your sunroof(s) areas. As with me it didn't look so good compared to a new headliner, so I caved and spent the $350.00 for a nice new one! (sorry no photos)
Good Luck.

10-01-2007, 11:18 AM
Prepare to spend an afternoon.

I first had to replace a headliner on a '89 RRC. I went to a local fabric store, picked out the color I wanted, bought a few yards and continued to the local auto parts store and purchased a can of 3M glue used for headliners and such. Total spent < $30.00. As a side note, I purchase upholstery foam, 1/2", to make designs in the headliner, also obtained from the fabric store.

Next, I set aside time to complete the task. I removed the headliner from the vehicle. Ripped off what was left of the old one. Sanded the area smooth. Decided I was going to make "sharks" out of the foam and glued them to the headliner shell. After that setup, I glued the entire surface of the shell and new headliner and placed it over the shell. Worked like a charm. Approximately 2-3 hours work.

My kids tell me that the "sharks" look more like dolphins. It was neat anyhow. I have since sold this vehicle and will be making a trip back to the fabric store for the '96 D1. The last time I was there they had upholstery for a couch that looked like a scene from an African safari. I think it will go quite well in Lucas.

10-31-2007, 07:31 PM
The head liner in my wifes discovery started sagging at the edges of the windsheild and a couple of places over the doors. For a guick fix I found the tiniest phillips head wood screws, bout 3/16 long. Being carefull not to twist the fabric. The effect looks like a professional studded trim job. This was about a year ago, the screws are still there. If anyone else has bothered to look up and notice, they have never said a word about the custom job.

12-22-2007, 03:53 PM
Recently had a local garage with a small upholstery/headliner self-taught & experienced 'expert' replace the headliner in my 98 Disco for $300. I requested him to put some of my Dynamat underneath the shell too.:thumb-up:
It looks better than new and the folks at Roverland4x4 yesterday were amazed at how great it looks. The big disadvantage is that the shop where George works is in southern MD - about a 1+ hour drive fm D.C.
George lets you pick out the color for you to match, he orders it after a deposit and then installs it when it comes in (couple days?)...
George takes cash or check only too - lots of spots in SOMD are 'cottage' industries that don't do the credit card deal yet.
In D.C. & Alexandria VA I had $900 quoted often as a minimum for a new headliner and I didn't have access to a garage to try it myself.