View Full Version : 94 RRC LWB-Lost Half of My Electrical Features

09-09-2007, 04:36 PM
For about a year have been using a blower that only worked in the high position. Thinking it may be the contacts and not wanting to fix I just left it as it was…until the other night.

I lost it completely…thinking I had only one issue...upon further observations the clock stopped, radio doesn’t work, interior dome lights don’t come on, fog lights don’t come on, sunroof does not work, hazards and turn signals in operable, no horn…hmmm. As far as I know everything else is working (windows, headlights and taillights, wipers, brake light, rear defroster (at least the light goes on) dashboard lights, cigarette lighter.

Interestin that the passenger heated seat does not come but the drivers side does.

Look at all of the fuses and not one had a break (except for a 30A Maxi that powered the air suspension-not relevant as I switche to coil but replced anway) Swapped out the fuse that were controlling the malfunctioning acessory but still nothing...no indicator lights come on and the ECU doesn't report anything.

Any thoughts?