View Full Version : 200 Tdi knock

09-10-2007, 08:48 PM
My 200 Tdi has developed a bad knock. any time I am idling or accelerating there is a loud tick. I just did a head gasket, had the head machined and did the valve/rocker spacing. the motor sat covered for a few weeks while I was waiting for parts. could one of my lifters frozen up. Also I did the head gasket because of a small oil leak out of the front passenger side in between the head and the block. But the machining of the head that happened to be 0.007in off did not fix the problem. the must be tweaked because the motor is still leaking. it is onl a drip, but I bought the motor less than 3000 miles ago. I purchased it from rovers north. how can I fix the knock? any suggestions about the oil leak? this motor has been more trouble than it seems to be worth.