View Full Version : New Classic Owner with Fuel Pressure Questions

09-20-2007, 08:50 PM
Hello. I have an '89 that I just got ahold of about a week ago. The truck is in great shape, passed emissions testing here in Texas with flying colors. Everything on the truck is working great.

My question pertains to the fuel system. The truck seems to not have good fuel pressure at start-up. It's almost as if a check valve is letting pressure flow backwards and a loss of pressure in the line. If the truck has been running, is cut off and then right back on, it starts immediately. I have also had an issue twice with the engine dieing, while driving (turning into a parking lot and backing out of a parking space) when the idle is virtually nil. Could this be the sign of a pooped fuel pump or is there a check valve somewhere else in the system? I have already bought a new fuel filter for good measure.

Ideas?!?! Thanks.

1989 Classic
Fort Worth