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Reata Rover
10-11-2007, 10:50 PM
Hey guys and gals,

I am a proud owner of a '04 Discovery, and I am raising the fledglings right as all they want is a LR product. My kiddo has her eye on a P38. Head Gaskets are done, brand new air suspension, brakes all around, replaced radiator, no transmission issues noted, not wrecked (per Carfax), have records from the dealer. Owner made all improvements above in the last 6 months to the tune of about $8,000. I am a little hesitant only because I dont want the thing in the shop all of the time. If I buy it, I want my kiddo to be able to drive it without trouble and enjoy it. Sure I understand the maintenance and I can turn a wrench with the best of them. My diagnostics are what blows. Is this the right truck for what I have described the need?

10-14-2007, 10:29 PM
First you have'nt described the need yet! If this Range Rover is your kiddo's first vehicle and wants to benefit from Land Rovers pristine reputation,then explain to him that owning one is like dating the prettiest & most popular girl on campus. Sure your gonna get all the looks & waves, but she's gonna make you WORK & PAY to play. I purchased my P38(My Dream Vehicle) a beautiful Grey 4.6 HSE w/brush guards,roof rack, and driving lamps, named "Allikat" as a gift to myself after having dealt with three prior cars. These trucks ARE very expensive to repair & maintain as i am finding out more&more, but makes up for it because they're sooo beautiful,classy,and yet rugged(mines turns me into putty at the mere sight of her)! Each problem requires a visit to the shop at $100 min just for looking under the hood(I do not suggest self diagnosing.... oooh i've learned & paid dearly), and parts are even more troubling to the pockets. You say your good with a wrench, but remember it's your kiddos vehicle not yours and might not want to wait until Pops gets a free weekend or day-off to "take-a-look" at his truck. And,need i even bring-up the topic of GAS?!!!!,... he might want to take out an extra $15,000 loan just for the years-worth of gas that's going to be used. lol

Reata Rover
10-18-2007, 01:21 AM
OK, the deal is the gas will be covered by dad within reason. As far as the repairs are concerned, the driver will be my daughter. I would love to teach her how to turn a wrench or at least spark some interest, but realistically when repairs are needed and hopefully they will be infrequent, I will have to do it or I will have to take it over to my mechanic. This will be a daily driver to and from school and after school activities. More advice if you have it please.. I could possibly go with a late model classic, but the real desire is for the P38.....

10-26-2007, 09:44 PM
Then go for it!! The P38s are my FAVORITE of the Land Rover family(followed closely by the Disco II and Defender), your daughter - pardon the earlier assumption, will be very pleased with it's performance. My advice, besides securing that $15,000 gas loan, is to get a full diagnostic and she should be good to go! Keep a close eye on those darn air springs and whatever you do don't advise her to rewire anything. Im going back&forth to my mechanic every other month because i tried to install an after-market alarm that shorted-out the wiring.