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11-25-2007, 08:51 PM
I have a 89 Classic right now, and it has caused me nothing but problems and heartache since I have owned it. I love the truck more than anything but I am thinking about a P38A 4.0 to replace my classic. I dont mind doing repairs, just not a million of them! Any suggestions on if I should keep the Classic, or go for a P38A? Thanks.

Clayton Adams
02-04-2008, 08:11 PM
Boy this is a tough one. I own both a 93 4.2 County LWB, a 95 4.0, and a 97HSE. It is like being torn between 2 lovers, they are both high maintenance and both expensive. If you want a low maintenance vehicle look elsewhere. In retrospect, I often think I would have been better off getting another SUV, but like the interiors of the Rovers, and could not stand the placticy American stuff, or Japanese. I also appreciate the engineering of the Rovers despite their poor electricals, cooling systems, and generally wimpy engines.

The P-38s I have, have cost me no less to repair than the classic I own. The classic has been sitting in the yard with A/C problems, leaky bags, and probably now reeallly baaad gasoline. It was using antifreeze in the cylinders like they all eventually do, so I went for the '95 4.0 for 19,000 dollars with only 38,000 one owner miles,epsom green, medium brown leather nice car.

Paint got faded on roof and hood real bad, so decide to use it at my farm, and bought an '97 vitesse edition 4.6 HSE with 100,000 miles in good shape. Bad mistake (maybe) even though it is good cosmetically, and engine is OK--no cooling problems(neither does my 4.0 have cooling probs.) I will need to fix A/C leak, hydraulic booster for brakes, and have had 2 door actuators go out already. That all will set me back at least 4,000 or so. EXPENSIVE parts and labor.

Have you got a lot of spare cash? The classic was not cheap, but you may be able to diagnose most stuff yourself and fix it if you have the talent and patience. I almost went back to buy a low mileage classic for 12,000 that was in excellent shape, but the engines were so wimpy and the handling so ponderous after owning the P38 4.0 for a few years that I could not convince myself to do it.

So, I cannot say one is less expensive unless you decide to do all work on the old classic yourself.

02-06-2008, 02:03 AM
I have both, and I'd rather have something break on the Classic any day of the week, by a longshot. Repairs on the P38 are often very difficult to find and when they are found the parts are ****** and don't cross-reference with anything.

The Classic on the other hand, has far less electronic gizmos to worry about, and very few things that cripple the vehicle when they fail. The P38, has a lot of things that when they go, leave you stranded until replacement.

Keep the Classic. It'll be less of a headache in the long run.