View Full Version : Trailer lights reversing?

12-29-2007, 08:54 AM
Hi All--
Jamus Driscoll here... I'm new to this forum and to range rovers in general but have spent the morning rading the posts here and it looks like there's a lot of great practical knowledge here. The reason for my post is that I've been fighting the trailer wires on a 1997 rr 4.0 se. For a while, I couldn't get current out to the factory installed 7-point harness located near the hitch. I chased it back through the harness in the right rear panel and found a short, so one problem down... however, when I attached my tailer (and used the factory converter for a 7-point harness to a 4-way flat) I noticed that the brake lights were weak, there did not appear to be running lights and the directionals were reversed (left hand turn activated right rear blinker). Is there something that I'm missing? I've ordered a new converter btw to isolate that potential variable.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.