View Full Version : 99 Series I disco electrical wiring

12-29-2007, 12:27 PM
Vehicle: 1999 Disco I...I was pulling out my speedometer controls and all last night and noticed a couple of odd things. Maybe somone out there may know.

Behind the speedometer/tach assembly I noticed there are two major gray plugins; one on the left and one on the right....not going anywhere. In fact the are capped off. Also, I have noticed that the Disco I and II headlights are interchangable and that the dash (i.e. radio chamber, climate control, and facia are identicle in size.

I was wondering...with all these dead end wire harnesses and obvious similarities in parts....were the 99 disco I and 99 Disco 2 wired the same ( or similar) to be interchangable at the factory?

Like, for example, since the radio compartment is the same size, could you put a disco II radio in a Disco I? And if the two trucs are not wired the same...what do those two gray plugins behind the speedometer and tech go?