View Full Version : electrical question?

12-29-2007, 12:30 PM
I am working on a 99 Series I disco and am adding the fog light switch to the housing next to the cruise control. Also, I would light to put on
auxiliary lights on my rack and use the rover auxiliary
light button (same as the rear fog button) down with the other two buttons.

Well, here is my question. I pulled out the housing for the switches and see there is a blue harness plug going to the cruise control and after digging around I found a black plug harness that seems to fit either the fog lamp or auxiliary button. Does any one know what color the plugin for the front fog lights is? Also, it looks like there is yet another wire harness coming off the other two that looks like it's tucked behind the climate controls. Is there a plugin for a auxiliary light switch down there too?

Finally, with the fog light switch, if this black plugin is for the fogs...do i also need a relay anywhere? And if there is a plugin for a auxiliary light switch down there, where does it run to...or do you have to find a plugin and wire it yourself?

Any help would be great!