View Full Version : trailer wiring issues for 1997 rr se

12-30-2007, 08:50 AM
hello all--
Jamus Driscoll here...Nice to meet all of you. I just purchased a 1997 range rover 4.0 SE, my first, and have been having some trailer wiring issues. The vehicle came with the factory 7-point harness, but was not operational. I believe this was due to a short that I found in the right rear access panel where one of the wires (red/black) leading into the trailing harness was pinched and partially stripped. Fixing this did yield some current to the receiver, but when I hooked it up to a smaller trailer (through the 7-pin to 4-way flat converter that came with the vehicle), the brake lights were weak, the running lights were not operational and the directionals were reversed.

I then hooked up a larger boat trailer, but still a basic wiring set up with a 4-way flat and two rear lights, pulled out of the driveway and blew fuse 17 which kept the vehicle in park until I could figure out what was going on.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? should I increase the size of some of the fuses? My trailering needs are not great, just small boat trailers and the like. I'd like to solve what's going on with the factory harness as well before moving into a atlantic british harness or u-haul solution. I guess I could tap the wires prior to the harness for the basics, but as the vehicle has a nice proper harness, I'd like to make it work.

Thanks all