View Full Version : Electrical problem - brake lights not working

12-30-2007, 06:05 PM
I recently had some sensor work done on my 1995 Discovery and noticed the turn signals were not working. I found a bad fuse. Then found the head lights were not working. After futzing with the fuses, the head lights now work, but I found the brake lights don't work. Where is the
brake light switch? Is it under the dash, or on the master cylinder (pressure switch)? Is it easy to troubleshoot?
Note : Bubls and fuses appear to be good.

I originally was having starting problems found fuel pump problem -replaced a dead fuel pump after not hearing it presurize when turning the key. Next, the vehicle was stalling out when comming to a stop, and the idle was hunting ( varying RPM after idling for 5 seconds - then stalls out) the garage diagnosed a bunch of sensors (mass air and oxygen sensors were bad). $1700 later, the vehicle is still hard starting from time to time
as if flooded when cold . Once started, it runs good. Note: I originally thought I had some valve adjustment problems(ticking valve), but after lean sensor readings were diagnosed and sensors replaced were fixed, valve noise went away. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Note: I had the gas tank replaced under the recall which also includes the fuel pump. Shortly after the recall replacement is when the fuel pump went bad.