View Full Version : 97 D1 light issue and more... HELP!!!

01-04-2008, 06:26 PM
2 months ago my altinator went so I replace it with a Bosch rebuilt. Everything was fin after that and operating properly.

Just before Xmas I had the right rear brake/tail light (very top of the 3) go out in a very strange way. If the lights are turned off, the brake function works. If the lights are turned on the tail light function is out but, the brake light works. Also, I lost the whole passanger side speakers for the radio (no sound). I replaced the bulb again with bulbs bought at a different store with the same results.

So I went out and bought the right bulb to replace it. after install I had the same operation from the light and additionally, the dash cluster, radio (Alpine installed prior to me), console, and center shifter lights are out.

I checked all of the fuses (behind battery) and all look good.

Today I get a call from the wife (not a soccer mom by the way) to tell me the battery died and she needed to get it jumped.

The battery tested fine, the belt looks good, the cables are clean and the ground is good. Also, you can hear the fuel pump and starter will engage to start it up.

WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!!! Could it be something with the radio as it is an aftermarket? Another fuse somewhere? I need help...