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11-23-2006, 09:30 PM
hello, i need to change all my power steering hoses in the next wk or 2. i have a '93 LWB and would like to know the steps to change the hoses right. my dad and i are going to put in a new power steering reservoir in his '91 rrc this sat, so i know some put would like to get some feed back. what is the best way to drain out the ATF from the power steering unit before i change the hoses and etc? also which power steering hose(s) do i need to get? i saw that there is hoses for air suspension and coil suspension. the PO had the air suspension convert to coil, so do i need the coil hose(s)? thank u for your feed back ahead of time.

11-24-2006, 10:13 PM
I have replaced hoses in both my '89 RRC and '94 RRC (with coils.) Both times I took my old hoses to a hydrualic shop and had them remake the hoses (these reused the end fittings) for a fraction of the cost of new hoses (about $15-20 each) and the quality of the hoses is twice that of the OEM hose.

You need to replace at least the two hoses that connect to the power steering box (on the air suspension one of these hoses, from the pump to the box, is actually made up of two hoses.) The third hose, which is all low pressure feeds fluid back to the pump from the reservoir. This one tends to leak when it gets hard, but it is never under pressure so will not "really" leak or leave you stranded. This is the cheapest one (just a piece of hose), but is a PITA to replace due to its connection on the bottom of the steering pump. I have yet to replace this last line as it requires you to remove the pump.

The easiest way to drain the fluid is to crack the hoses from the top of the steering box and let it leak out. It makes a mess, so have drain pans ready underneath. Plan on removing the air filter and alternator to get easier access.

Unless you have relocated the shocks to inside the coils, you will need the hoses for the air suspension as it is the shocks that get in the way.


11-29-2006, 09:56 AM

I have to concur with Larry on this one. I had a hyd shop manufacture my power steering lines with my fittings on my old 94 LWB and they never leaked a drop again. It is definitely more affordable to do it this way, and from what I have heard.... better as far as not leaking as rapidly.

Just my .02,