View Full Version : ARB bumper

11-25-2006, 05:29 PM
When I install an ARB bumper what do I have to do to disable the air bag stuff, I have a 96' Disco, thanks Kevin H

11-27-2006, 06:55 PM
Part of the appeal of an ARB bumper is that it's compatible with your air bag system.

12-07-2006, 06:39 AM
As d2jonas mentioned, the ARB for your truck is SRS adapted, so follow the installation instructions carefully, I have installed many of these with no problem. My advise is dont mess with the SRS, I worked for Land Rover for awhile and we used to set bags off for an occasional class and the results are spectacular. The big problem is that all of the SRS components where supposed to be replaced as a complete system at 10 years of age(look in the maintenance section of the owners manual) if I remember correctly. Now all of these Disco 1's are over 10 years or close to that. There is no magical MI-3 timer in the system, but I'm curious how many owners will start having SRS lights as the systems get older, wiring breaks down, chafing etc. My Disco is an early '95 and I've never had a light and I wonder how I will deal with it when the time comes. Rovers factory line(actually most manufactures) at the time was, "if any part of SRS is compromised, the whole system gets replaced". Now I did this twice and it was a one day job minimum, with proper shop tools, computer etc. So again, if your SRS is functional, dont mess with it. There was talk a couple of years ago of some guys bringing in non-SRS steering wheels and passenger dash inserts(to fill the big hole left where the airbag is) but I think after some discussion, any thought of this went away(sorry if any forum users are attorneys, but this is an ambulance chasers wet dream, modifying/removing SRS). Good luck!!