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Ron T.
02-09-2008, 06:03 PM
Has anyone on the list experience with installing gear and antennae? I'd like to do a proper installation of a 2 metre mobile, and an HF system. Is it possible to route the antenna cables without drilling holes in the body? I was thinking of mounting the VHF antenna to the roof carrier and coming up with a heavier mount for the HF antenna off of the spare tire mount.

02-17-2008, 09:30 PM
In short... Yes.

I mounted a similar set-up above the LHS sun visor. Located the entirety in the map pocket space. I ran all wires inside the "a" pilar to the fuse block located under the steering wheel [NAS]. I was able to pass the antenna wires through the firewall [bulkhead] utilizing an existing hole with a new grommet. After drilling a small hole through the plastic fascia cover along where the wipers park, to the exterior. I then placed the antenna wires in a plastic loom to the roof rack where I attached the appropriate antennaes.

Have fun.

Ron T.
02-19-2008, 11:06 PM
This sounds very interesting. The LHS map holder was too short to fit any model of radio I knew of, so I went looking elsewhere. Do you have any photos of how you did the antenna coax routing to the roof rack? While replacing the hood release cable I did notice an unused plugged hole through the firewall, just above the grommet for the hood release cable. Another question I've wanted to ask, is there any risk of damaging the pre-amps for the rear side window antennae when you transmit? Thanks, Ron VE8RT

02-29-2008, 05:47 AM
Hi there,

Have just put in a dual band (VHF/UHF) radio in mine. Mounted it on the tray above the stereo (though the mounting bracket sits on the tray - used a washers to pack the screws out) and pushed the wires down behind the stereo, making it a neat install.

The aerial is a mag mount I have at the rear right hand side, I pulled back the rear door seal and ran the cable through, then pushed the door seal back into position and put some sealant in to make it watertight again.(Just solved my leaking door - don't want it back!)

Aerial cable runs along the headlining, down the RHS A Pillar into the fuse box area under the steering wheel. From here it's easy to get it behind the stereo. (take out the switch panel and clock.. took me two minutes!)

And I cheated and used the stereo's wiring loom - hey I only transmit on low power anyway!

And finally, putting it here with the Disco's high viewpoint means it does not block your view of the road ahead as it only covers up the bonnet - so these new laws are taken care of.

If you need pics let me know... Mrs has the camera!

Hope that helps...

03-08-2008, 11:08 AM
Hi again,

Photos as requested.

First is where the aerial is - I can still use the rear sunroof with it fitted.

Second is where I peeled the seal away from the rear door and sealed it up - yes I know it's white and not very pretty - when the better weather comes I'll sort it out. But it's water tight and does the job.

Third pic is where the radio is mounted. As I said it's not blocking anything, in easy reach when driving and you don't have to look down to change channels etc.

Fourth is where the power leads go into the vent to behind the stereo. You can also see the nuts I used as spacers where I mounted the bracket - if you look hard enough!

Finally is the aerial lead going under the vent - I had to drill it a little to get it to fit but she goes - just! Hope there's no minimum bend radius on that cable....

Hope that helps you.....

Ron T.
03-11-2008, 11:56 PM
This does help, its much easier to follow what you've done. When I installed the antenna I ran the coax over top the door seal, but the air leaks in and I'm concerned that when it warms up enough to rain that water may run down the coax and past the door seal. I'm not sure about mounting the radio so far back that it might partially block the defroster vents. It is a very good location for the operator, but does the summer sunlight beating down on it heat it up? The wire routing is clean and out of the way. Power for the radio, through one of the fuse boxes or did you run a lfused ine directly to the battery? For now I'm using a handheld with a speaker mike, before heading any distance out of town I'd like to put a proper mobile radio in. TKS Ron VE8RT