View Full Version : Transfercase lever (Diff-Loc) 98 Disco 1 SD

02-15-2008, 10:19 PM
I know My T-case lever is working within the "H" shift patteren. I can feel in the movement of the lever the gears on the Right side of the "H" patteren, both lo and high, and on the left side (the Diff-Loc side) of the "H" patteren. HOWEVER, the Diff-Loc light on the insterment cluster wont come on. so, because the light isn't comming on, while on the left side, or Diff-Loc side, am I wrong in my feel of the gears??? As a added note to this, while in Nutural, the warning buzzer goes off, indicating the T-case is in Nutural. But becasue the Diff-Loc light wont come on, is my T-case lever stuck as so many are?? This is for my 98' Disco SD.
Many thanks for looking at this posting, and any input is very much welcome. :thumb-up: