View Full Version : D90 Stalling

02-18-2008, 05:47 PM
My commute consists of a 15 minute highway ride.
If i make a quick stop leave it off for ~5 min before i get going again it acts strangely for the rest of the ride.

It will try to stall out as i put in the clutch and slow down for light/stopsigns.

If it sits for the night or cools down fully, the idle is fine.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

02-19-2008, 02:37 PM
Things to check:
Stepper motor
PCV filter

Does it seem like it is starving for fuel?

03-07-2008, 06:12 PM
I just started having a similar issue. Here is what I have...

I had the ignition switch fail...
I ordered a new one from RN, it takes a week or so to arrive, in that time, the battery dies.
I change it over, charge the battery and it works great.
Now, over night, the battery dies and when cold / cool the truck idles fine, but when fully warm, it will idle for about a minute, then start to die, recover, stumble, recover ( or die ), then stumble and die...

Weirdness, I did not have any problems with the idle OR the battery before the ignition switch went bad, while the ignition switch was failing ( a little jiggle behind the dash would start it ) there were no problems...

Oh I got a nail in a tire during all of this, but I am pretty sure that is not related :-)

Thanks in advance,


03-09-2008, 10:21 PM
I am having a very similar challenge with my truck. Had to have it towed yesterday.
My commute is short as well (less that 3 minutes).
Occasionally, When it starts up, it will spit and sputter and then other times, it revs at a very high RPM. Sometimes it runs fine for weeks and weeks, and then it will die out when I depress the clutch to stop at a stop light.

Yesterday, I got in it to go somewhere, and realized that I had forgotten something. I turned it off and ran in to get what I left, and when I got back in, it coughed, hiccuped, sputtered and died. Then it would not crank. When I tried and tried to get it started (depressing the accelerator all the way to the floor). It only took a few minutes for a brand new Red Top to go dead.

Had the truck towed home (live at the top of a very long and steep road) and today, I roll started the truck. Took three attempts to pop the clutch, but on the third time, it started. When it did, it was as if it wasn't getting good gas. It would barely accelerate. It backfired a few times, and then, it suddenly started running like a scalded dog. Better than it has ever run.

I am thinking that water may be getting in the fuel. We had a few days of heavy rain, and then a pretty good snow and snow did gather in the fuel cap well.

I post all of this because it sounds extremely similar the others problems.