View Full Version : infamous oil leaks

02-29-2008, 11:37 AM
I know I know they leak. whether its P.S.F :)or engine coolant:(
or OIL.:mad: my questions are why (WTF)? and what are the best materials to use for gaskets - include with response: rocker cover, oil sump, engine front cover and any others you know of. thanks!
At the dealer last month he suggested using genuine parts so if anything happens within the first 12 months- labor and parts are free. He went on to say the words cork and paper gaskets!!!! I can buy cork but paper?
Are they as dumb as they look? So- how good is cork vrs. rubber and I believe I even read about steel valve cover gaskets. Any advice would be great (please more than just a link to rovers north parts).

02-29-2008, 06:27 PM
Something about the aluminium in the V8's being porous or something like that.

I have heard of rovers that don't leak, and aren't empty. I don't have one though.

My Disco doesn't leak too badly, just a bit of seepage here and there.

My SIII leaks tranny oil all over the place, most likely because of the crappy silicone gasket from a tube. Its also leaking a lot of engine oil now from the front and rear of the engine. Not a ridiculous amount, but enough to see. O, guess that really doesn't help since its a 4banger and not the V8.

Get new gaskets, run synthetic oil (I'm gonna get crap for that) and maybe a bit of high temp silicone.