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03-01-2008, 06:19 PM

Please help.. I need someone to shine light on what could be causing my transmission to malfunction. Its a 1998 disco with just over 200 000km on it.. no modifications.. Anyways it all started when one day I took it out and noticed loss of power when I would press gas from stand still.

NOT loss of power from the engine though as it was revving fine. It was like a slip from transmission, as if I was in low range and then a few seconds later it would catch on and drive fine... Automatic tranny btw.

At one point from stop, I press gas and the whole truck jerks and all of a sudden stops as if something inside the gears jammed it. Engine would rev, but with a feeling of something holding it back.

I engaged reverse since drive wouldn't work and backed up into nearby gas station. There I tried D again and it worked although only for long enough to make it to my driveway. On the way a terrible loud clunking sound came from under the car as if a big metal piece was dragging against pavement (nothing was actualy dragging).

I need to fix this asap but I dont want to just bring it into a shop which will tell me I need a new engine new wheels new windshield bla bla bla ... I want to know the problem before I tackle it...

Now from the extensive research I have already done, the problem points to a broken seal in the tranny (tranny oil is there, it hasn't leaked out). I read somewhere that tranny would suffer damage if the engine was revved in neutral for long periods of time since the auto-tranny fluid was already presurized and revving it caused damage - or something like that. After an incident a few months ago my idle sensor broke and I had high revs in park or neutral, like 3000 when cold and 1500 when engine normal temp.

Even when I would put it in gear it felt as if engine was still trying to idle at 1500 even though it would show 1100 (like it was being held back by the breaks).

I thought I would have more time before something like this happened but I was terribly wrong...

Bottom line

After driving for long enough to heat up tranny fluid, car would not drive
It would come to a harsh stop as if a metal rod jammed the gears
Reverse works fine
Can it possibly be CV joint even if I could still drive without diff locked?

PLEASE HELP me understand whats wrong with my disco...

03-02-2008, 05:27 PM
Hi everyone.

Today I tried to narrow the problem down more and now I think it has something to do with the CV joints or one of the drive lines (contrary to what I described in post)

When the tranny was in fact cold, I put it in gear, the first one after P is R. So as soon as the gear engaged, a loud clutter came from under the car and the speedo went up to 50 almost. There was minor power to the wheels but only breifly. Same with drive it felt like something was spinning and hitting metal on metal while I was still holding breaks.

Bottom line

Clunking while in gear
Foot firmly on breaks
Speedo showing increase in speed

Please help me confirm if this is infact something in the drive train rather than the transmission... I have almost saved up for the mechanic, and now I just need to know what I need replaced...

Unfortunatly I have not yet been able to actualy inspect it closely my self as that would have to be done at the same time as fixing it so I need to know what Im up against before I tackle it.

Thanks in advance

P.S I tried locking Diff, and almost the same effect occured...