View Full Version : No Blinkers or Hazard lights

03-11-2008, 08:03 AM
1997 Disco,Blew a fuse for directional lights, replaced it, worked fine for a couple of weeks. Drove in snow storm, parked, couldn't put in drive. Replaced the same fuse, shifted into gear, blinkers work. Next stop same thing happened, this time though the blinkers and hazard lights did not work. When I got home I went through the directional sockets, checked bulbs, and checked for corrrosion, every thing appears to be in good shape. I did however pull the flasher and it was burnt, so I ordered one from Rovers North, received it yesterday, plugged it in...still no blinkers!! Any thoughts as to my next move? Am I missing an in line fuse, relay, Bad Hazard switch???? Any advise will be appreciated.