View Full Version : '97 Defender gear ratios?

04-24-2008, 09:13 PM
I'm curious to learn what is the 1st gear ratio in low range on a 1997 Defender with the factory equiped ZF automatic transmission? What is it in high range? If you know all four gears' ratios clue me in. What is the ratio on the differntials? Thanks.

04-24-2008, 10:32 PM
diffs are 3.54 www.expeditionlandrover.info (http://www.expeditionlandrover.info) has all the ratios you want to see.

04-25-2008, 09:31 PM
Thanks for the link. I'll get out my slide ruler and calculate all the final drive ratios. That should give me some winning lottery numbers for repairs and upgrades to my Defender.:p