View Full Version : hi and and some troubles with a 94 disco

05-13-2008, 07:46 PM
First off Id like to say hi as this is my first post on the forum. THis is the first LR that Ive owned. So somethings from it are new to me, though Im not new to mechanic work (mechanic now for the army and was one as a civilian).
Ok now to the troubles. Ive got a feeling im going to be redoing a bit of the interior wire harness. As When I first got the vehicle the PO had installed (poorly) an aftermarket radio. Sometime soon (very busy with field exercises for the next few months, actually, I believe Im going to have a full plate till maybe august or september :mad:, anywho) Ill be replacing my dash and rewiring the radio as it was a hack job. But Ive noticed a few issues along the way. First was once I started to fix the wiring, the blinkers stopped working, fuse is good though. and that my L/R taillight went out. Well, I pulled the light to change the bulb and apperently the PO messed up somewhere as the taillight was severly melted and had aluminum foil where the light holders no longer made contact with the contact frame on the housing. I just replaced that and Im now hunting down the gremlin in the blinkers. Something else I was wondering about. does the dinger always go off when the door is open with or without the key? or is that also another gremlin to hunt down?
Now onto the more serious problem. The engine. It was rough to start before. Now its having real issues, wont start on the first turn and struggles on the second. Twice Ive had it "flood" on me (not sure if that was the problem though). Once the vehicle is running it bogs real bad, which is also somewhat new, and comes very near stalling. Ive read the tech tip about adjusting the air gap in the dizzy and will be doing that when I do the tune up once I get back from this field problem coming up. Ive also read about these symptoms being associated with the crank sensor, which will be my next step after the tune up. Any tips on what I have ahead of me and also some things to look forward too in my journey with this discovery?