View Full Version : Heat/Coolant/Cooling---FYI

12-14-2006, 01:34 AM
:D When you change coolant(ie or replace radiator/heater core/tstat etc.) make sure to fill up resevoir with tower plug or small filler plug out(its like a baby, needs to burp!!) once you fill up with engine off, and no more air burping, start and leave res cap and plug out until engine is sufficiently warm; you will start seeing coolant flowing out of tower or the small filler cap on later cars(be ready to put that cap on ASAP and put a little anti seize on the plastic threads-it cant hurt!!). Then refill res if needed put res cap on and drive around block-run the heat on high!! This ensures water is circulating through whole system!! Come back and turn engine off. VERY CAREFULLY LOOSEN THE RES. CAP-JUST A FRACTION OF A TURN UNTIL YOU HEAR PRESSURE DROP, THEN A LITTLE MORE---DONT JUST WIP IT OFF- YOU WILL GET BURNED!! Once you can safely remove cap, you will find(90% of time) that the res is almost empty or very low, top off and usually this will fix the problem!!
Cheers from Bavaria,