View Full Version : headlamp bulp swap?

07-09-2008, 10:07 PM
hi all, wondering if anyone has swapped out the stock headlamps for these HID style plug-ins, and was it a worthwhile expense? i'm lookin for more light out in front of me on some of the super-dark roads and highways around here. ones sold locally around here say all u do is swap them out and gain 30-40% more light, and i've seen kits involving a relay install, etc. my alternator is new, and my headlamp glass is nice and clear but i can't help but think the new replacement stock lamps just are not that bright. sometimes we run the fog lamps for a little extra light but if it's gonna help i'll buy the superbright replacements. anyone have any suggestions on which ones would be a way to go, as far as adding more light? thx!