View Full Version : Soft Top Gap Window issue

Mayor of Mooseport
07-14-2008, 03:11 PM
I'm the new owner of a '95 D90 #2844 with an old (but still in good shape with the exception of the zippers) RN Badger top. I'm experiencing a pretty large gap between the soft top and the door tops, especially on the passenger's side which is about a full inch at the top, backside of the door top (the girlfriend does not appreciate rain coming in from behind her). On the driver's side, a smaller gap (maybe 1/2 inch). The gaps do not seem to be that bad along the top of the doortops, actually pretty good. Problem is along the backside of the window top, running top to bottom (top of the body), the soft top piece has no support behind it.

In looking at my owner's manual it shows that there is a support that, when removing the soft top, needs to be unscrewed from the body panel and that slides up into the softtop, hooking on the cross-brace that runs from the rollcage to the windshield frame.. I don't have this piece on either side. This looks like it would solve the problem.

Anyone out there aware of a fix? I didn't see a part on RN's site. The D-90 Source had someone who had Rockware make a brace but I've seen nothing else on this.

If I've confused everyone I'll post pics.