View Full Version : looking for a series 1 can anyone help???

07-23-2008, 06:27 AM
hello all,
my name is troy, i'm looking for a series one in the townsville / cairns area... or there abouts... in short i want a series one body on coil springs, tdi and 5 speed... i have a 1988 90" defender chassis to work with. i may have rolled 95 defender for the motor and running gear, i also have a 56 series one but its at the old mans place in cooktown... now i was going to use that body but now my dad has picked it up and had a look at it. it's too good to do what i want to do with it so that i'll keep to restore to original. ( at a later date )
if any one has or knows where i can get a series one or a defenfer/disco/rangie to get my hybrid started can you let me know please
my main thing is to find a series one body with a decent firewall and pannels, the running gear i can get off the old man in cooktown. he has his own land rover grave yard there...