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07-30-2008, 09:01 PM
hi all, has anyone else had trouble w/ their fog/dash light fuse blowing? i turned on my fogs last night, and then no dash lights, no fog lights. after a min. i figured out that when i engage the dash switch for fogs, it knocks out my dash illumination. time was short today, but i want to repair tomorrow, was wondering if it is a common thing, or where should i start, the fog bulbs, dash switch? does the RAVE CD have anything on that particular circuit, or can someone recommend somewhere on the net that i may find some tech info on this? thx in advance:thumb-up:

07-31-2008, 12:53 PM
First off, you'll need the electrical troubleshooting manual to do any meaningful testing.

That said, I'd start at the fog lamps by unplugging the connectors and seeing if that blows the fuse. If the fuse still blows, follow the circuit back to the switches, somewhere between the switch and the lamp, there is a problem.

08-06-2008, 05:33 PM
i did exactly that, i mean i unplugged the driver's side fog lamp,and that is where my problem originated. bulb wasn't even blown, seems it was just a poor connection which was easily remedied w/ a little time and a wire brush. thanks to all for the ideas and input!:thumb-up: