View Full Version : Clutch problem

08-07-2008, 05:28 AM
I am an owner of LR Discovery II (2002) TD5 manual gear box and I have serious problem. Unfortunately in my country the technicians from the authorized service are incompetent or let say incapable to help me. So the problem is following:
When I change gears for ex. from second to third when I push the clutch pedal in the beginning the revolutions of the engine start rising with about 500/1000 and then star going down. I have been told by the mechanics of the service to change some kind of module which controls the distribution of the revolutions of the engine during the change of gears. I did it but the result was nothing.
I would like to mention that I bought my car with a damaged roof and I believe that this car has crashed and has stayed upside down. In the beginning I had to remove the air from the clutch hydraulic system because the pedal was not working. Now it is OK but I have this problem with the revolutions. The computer is not marking any mistake and that is why nobody knows what really the problem is.
I would be very grateful if somebody can give some advices or to give me direction where this problem could come from.

Thank you in advance.