View Full Version : Serpenting belt install trouble

09-10-2008, 09:00 AM
(1997-D90 4.0l) OK- I did it once by myself when I changer the water pump years ago. Went to put a new belt on yesterday, just wasn't gonna fit! loosened the water pump pully, no dice. Loosened the alt. mount gaining another quarter inch. Only after a friend w/ incredibly strong hands(stronger than mine, and I'm a traditional tool woodworker)- he's a blacksmith & heavy truck mechanic, could he push it onto the alt. pully.
What gives?
I think the first one I did was easy, and that one wouldn't even go back on.
We're confused. And we weren't even drinking yet.
only 3 weeks to MAR!

solved- got a replacement- it's alot thinner. old one was circa 2004, must have had a new guy cutting the grooves in Italy.