View Full Version : D110 no start,need quick help

09-10-2008, 08:52 PM
Friend broke his coil wire the other day and replaced it tonight with no start here is his email to me, we need to get it on the trailer and out to Moab this weekend.

" I told you I broke my coil wire, well KB grabbed me a new wire set at AB and I put just the new coil wire on and it won't start. I pulled the wire and it is not getting any spark. I tried another plug wire just to see and nothing. I checked the power at the coil and I have 12v on both side and when I checked continuity the circuit between is always complete. I don't know enough about the distributors in this thing, but it doesn't look like points. Is the circuit staying closed and not building up a charge in the coil? And why would this happen it can't be connected to the wire, is it just a weird coincidence?"

I noticed what looked like a condensor next to the coil not attached to anything? when we were bleeding the clutch the other day.