View Full Version : Defender needed (again!) for South Florida Photoshoot

10-03-2008, 10:08 AM
This is Jeff from Cooper Classics in NYC. I posted here a few weeks ago looking for a Defender in RI. They are popular fashion vehicle and now I am looking for another White Defender but this time in South Florida. It is also a fashion shoot taking place the week of October 21st.
The shoot will be in Miami and will be still photography. The truck will only be driven by the owner and will be fully insured while on set.
Your vehicle will be treated the same way our vehicles (www.cooperclassiccars.com (http://www.cooperclassiccars.com/)) are when they are on set. Nobody is jumping on your hood or driving your car through a flaming hoop on our shoots.
If you are interested please email me pictures of your vehicle to info@cooperclassiccars.com or call Jeff at 212-929-3909.
If you are interested in participating in photoshoots but do not have the correct vehicle for this shoot please visit www.cooperclassiccars.com/filmcars (http://www.cooperclassiccars.com/filmcars) to submit into my filmcar database. I will have your info on file and will contact you for future shoots for your vehicle.

Thank You