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10-06-2008, 04:44 PM
I bought this vehicle in '94 on Cinco de Mayo - a day that since we have properly dubbed "Cinco de Rover". Somehow, I've managed to turn a Mexican holiday into a British one. I had the heritage done on the vehicle by Land Rover and found that it was originally exported to Syria. That would explain the rust-free, almost impeccable frame. Like Land Rover lore, I found fresh black paint across the center cross member, under sand, under grease. Further, I had some Arabic writing on the driver's door deciphered locally and after some bickering between local husband and wife I found that the vehicle was used as something akin to...drumroll... a farmers' market security vehicle. OK, not as glamorous as I perhaps longed for, but still neat. Anyway, through the years I've taken it down to the frame, had the frame horn assembly welded, and the entire frame painted. It's a rolling chassis now. It has the 2L mounted, not rebuilt. The bulkhead is mostly rust-free but for some rust holes on each side under the dash above the upper floor panels. The tub, doors, bonnet, and windshield frame are all in good shape. The seatbox, bonnet, and floor have been stripped of paint. The wings show a bit of character. Radiator and panel are good, as is bumper. No top. I have a wiring harness which will be sold separately. Located 15 minutes from Rovers North, so come and see the Series I and make a trip to the Land Rover 'mecca' while you're at it. Price: $1500. $150 for wiring harness from British Wiring. Hate to see the Landie sit anymore. It has a solid foundation from which to (re)build. Moreover, I have bought a '58 Series One in recent years, one featured on the back of the recent RN catalogue. To a good home only. Sold as one unit. Call 802.233.1616. Dan

10-06-2008, 05:43 PM
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10-06-2008, 05:51 PM
please call my cell at 802.233.1616 if interested in vehicle or email me: dfoley@altitudemarketinggroup.com